"Lake Norman Pet Sitting does an outstanding job taking care of my dog Sandy when I need them.  If I'm gone for an afternoon, an overnight or a weeklong trip I can rely on Colleen to be there and take great care of my dog.  Reliable, consistent, safe, trustworthy, conscientious and easy to schedule.  If you want someone you can rely on to take great care of your pet like you would, I highly recommend them!"

-John Lenhert

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“I travel frequently and to have Colleen taking care of my cats, means the world to me! She is trustworthy, reliable and goes the extra step by texting me photos of my “kids” while I am away, which I just love! The job of looking after someone’s pets is a very serious and important role, and with Colleen, I know that she handles this responsibility with the utmost care & concern that it deserves. Thank you Colleen and thank you Lake Norman Pet Sitting services.”

-Carol Roth

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“Lake Norman Pet Sitting is GREAT!
First time we ever had anyone, besides my parents, take care of our little boy, Scooter. We were nervous. It’s been over a year now and we are sooo happy and relieved to have found Lake Norman Pet Sitting!! Colleen cares for our little Yorkie, Scooter, and our big cat, Harley. She goes above and beyond to make sure they are well cared for! Scooter (11 years old) has had a few health issues while we were away and Colleen handled it perfectly each time! She made sure we were kept well informed of his situation and had his vet call us as well. Scooter requires special attention because of his health issues (and because he is just very spoiled). I have every confidence in Colleen in the way she cares for Scooter.  Makes traveling less stressful on his mom and dad as well! Trustworthy, kind, dependable and very caring!! Makes us happy and we can tell that it makes our furry little boys happy too! Highly recommend!!”

-Audrey H.


I was referred to Colleen and Paulette through a friend, and we love the great service that Lake Norman Pet Sitting provides.  We have two small Yorkies who want nothing but attention and Colleen loves to be able to spend time with the girls.  We feel very confident when we leave them in Colleen's care, as we know they will be very well taken care of, and they have become very secure having Colleen watch them and spend time with them!!!!!!

-V. Barnes

“We were new to the Denver, NC area and were lucky enough to meet Paulette from Lake Norman Pet sitting. She not only took great care of our Corgi giving him lots of extra time and attention, but she also dealt with some unexpected issues with our new home while we were away. We couldn’t have asked for a more responsible and helpful Pet Sitter. We highly recommend Paulette and will be having her pet sit any time we go away.”

-K. Granger


“Not sure what we would do without Paulette and Colleen at Lake Norman Pet Sitting!!!!! So thankful to have found them!!! It is obvious that they both love animals and have come to our rescue on numerous occasions to let out and play with our goldendoodles, Chunk and Chip. Chip is just a 10 week old pup so we have turned to Lake Norman Pet Sitting when work demands long days or when we’ve headed out of town on day trips. Paulette met with us prior to our first sitting visit to meet the dogs and go over logistics. She was extremely professional and took down all the information she needed to take care of our furry friends and keep our house safe. We are no longer anxious when confronted with work travel because we know Paulette or Colleen will be there for us. Payment and scheduling was a breeze as well!!!! We highly recommend them!!!!”

-J. Schwarzenegger


“We have had our dog Bugsy, a mixed Lab, for almost 14 years. 2 years ago, his health started declining a bit. Before this point, we boarded Bugsy at local pet spas when traveling and even at our animal hospital. Upon noticing that Bugsy needed to go out more frequently, and that he couldn’t get up the steps like he previously could, we decided that we needed someone to assist us with Bugsy during the day for walking, as well as for overnights when traveling. Our neighbor recommended Lake Norman Pet Sitting services. I called Paulette to come by and meet Bugsy and she started walking Bugsy the very next day. She offers great advice and keeps me up to date on Bugsy when she is with him. She gives him the proper medications, feeds, walks, and plays with him. Many times I have called her last minute for a walk or sleepover and she always finds a way to accommodate our needs. Bugsy has grown to love Paulette and when he sees her, he immediately goes up to her for attention. We know that Bugsy will not be with us for many more years. He struggles with his hips and is on multiple medications. We love him so much and would do anything to keep him comfortable. We feel so grateful to have found Paulette. Life in our household is busy and she helps us in so many ways. Most importantly, she is there for him. After finding Lake Norman Pet Sitting, I could not imagine life without this service. We now can manage our busy schedules without worrying about Bugsy. I would recommend this service to anyone! In the future, we will have more dogs and there is no doubt that Paulette will be there for them as well!”

-Misty Francis

“Max is our big boy. Admittedly giving someone you don’t know your front door key and entrusting your 4-legged baby with them can be a little nerve racking, but we were not disappointed. He took to Paulette immediately. She was always on time, took the time she needed with him to walk, feed and just play. We received texts and pictures to let us know he was fine. The bonus, no dog hair when we got home. A++ sitter. Will use her again and would recommend her for sure!”

-R. Jones

“Paulette has been taking care of our four kids for the past year. She is very professional, reliable and our kids LOVE her! We feel at ease knowing that Paulette is caring for our 2 senior dogs and our 2 crazy young ones - She is attentive to each one of their special needs and we are very appreciative.”

-Tracie Chan


“I have been using the services of Lake Norman Pet Sitting for over a year and pretty regularly because I travel often, I have never worried about the care of my pets (2 dogs and a cat) since I hired them. Paulette DeRonda has mostly taken care of them and keeps me informed on how they are doing. She goes above and beyond taking care of my babies like they were her own. She helped us with supplements for my one older dog with ear problems, she calls to see how their vet appointments went especially when my older dog needed surgery, When she comes to visit my pets love seeing her. To me that says everything! I would not consider doing anything else with my pets when I leave. I know that when I return they look great and my home looks exactly the way I left it. I cannot say enough great things about them and couldn’t appreciate them more. Honest, reliable and caring people and that is why I have such peace of mind when I leave.”

-Barb Chappell


Colleen is the best pet sitter I've ever found to watch my babies!  I have to travel on business quite frequently but never have to worry about my home or pets.  Absolutely the BEST pet sitting service in the Lake Norman area!

-Jennifer Lawley