CONTACT & CONSULTATION:  To schedule a free in-home consultation for pet sitting services, go to our CONTACT web page and submit a request, or feel free to call us at 704-582-9814.  We will schedule a consultation to meet you and your pet(s).  At this time we will get all the necessary information to give your pet(s) the best quality care.  If additional consultations are required, there may be a fee.


RESERVATIONS:  To schedule a pet sitting visit, please go to our RESERVATIONS web page and submit your pet sitting request.  All pet sitting reservations MUST be confirmed by phone within 24-hours prior to your trip. If you are on a weekly, monthly or annual contract, no reservations are required as the contracted schedule will be followed.  These pet sitting visits can be confirmed via text or email.  Weekly mid-day visits require up-coming weeks schedule by 8 p.m. on Saturdays.

Reservations made after 5 P.M. for same-day pet sitting visit will be charged a late booking fee of $10.00

LATE BOOKING FEE:  A fee of $20 will apply to any request made after 9 p.m. for same evening visit.  This is due to the immediate attention required by changing sitter’s schedules.  (Exceptions: out of town clients who are en route home!)

INSURANCE:  Lake Norman Pet Sitting, LLC™ is fully insured through State Farm Insurance of North Carolina and is registered with the North Carolina Secretary of State Office.  All Lake Norman Pet Sitting, LLC™ employees have been background checked prior to hiring.

If client allows any other person(s) access to their home during pet sitting contract, Lake Norman Pet Sitting, LLC™ cannot be held liable for any damages to property or pet(s) as a result.  Please notify your pet sitter that guests will be in your home.  Also, please notify your guest(s) that a sitter from Lake Norman Pet Sitting, LLC™ is coming so that our entrance does not surprise your visitor.  We require documentation agreeing that other people will be allowed in your home and Lake Norman Pet Sitting, LLC™ will not be held responsible for situations that may arise when we are not in the home.

PAYMENT OPTIONS & REQUIREMENTS:  Pet sitting services are to be paid in-full at time of first scheduled pet visit, either by check or cash.  Post-dated checks will not be accepted.  Any added visits are to be paid in-full with-in 3 days of clients return home.  Please make all checks payable to Lake Norman Pet Sitting.  There will be a $35 service fee for returned checks.

CANCELLATION POLICY:  Cancellation of any pet sitting reservation consisting of 4 days or less require 24-hours notice.

Pet sitting reservations of 5 or more days require 1-week notice for cancellation.

Overnight pet sitting reservations require 2-weeks notice for cancellation.

Weekly mid-day visits require notification by 8 AM on the day of the scheduled visit.

Holiday pet sitting reservations require 2-week’s notice for cancellation.

Clients who need to add visits or change the time of any visits must do so within 24-hours.

Cancellations fees are as followed:  If any pet sitting reservation is not canceled within the required time frame, client will be charged 50% of the total reservation fee.

If pet sitter arrives at your home for a scheduled visit that is no longer required, but was not cancelled, the client is responsible for full payment of that visit.  If pet sitter is unable to obtain entry to pet’s home, client is responsible for full payment of that visit.  If entry is delayed and pet sitter is required to return to home later that day, client will be charge for an additional visit.

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IMMUNIZATIONS:  For your protection and ours, it is our policy that all pets are current on all their immunizations.  North Carolina law requires that all owned dogs, cats and ferrets must be vaccinated against rabies by four months of age.  Please be prepared to provide us a copy of your pet’s immunization records during the consultation.  If you have a need to get your pet(s) current, we can help with that, please use our Pet Taxi service.

VETERIANIAN CARE AUTHORIZATION:  All clients must sign an Authorization for Veterinary Treatment for their pet(s) while under our care.  Should you change veterinarian, please notify us prior to your next service date, so we may update our records

ID TAGS:  All pets are required to wear ID tags while they are under our care.


LEASHES:  All dogs are required to wear collars with ID tags & rabies tag. Dogs MUST be leashed while on walks.  For insurance purposes, Lake Norman Pet Sitting, LLC™ is unable to walk any dog off leash.

CATS:  We require that cats are provided with daily visits for their own protection.  We do not do every-other-day visits or any pet sitting with cats other than daily visits.  PLEASE, no exceptions. (Please keep cat carrier handy if needed for emergency.)


SAFETY:  As a safety measure, if you are traveling or have been out of town overnight, we request that you contact us by phone, email or text message indicating that you have safely returned and our responsibility is over.  If we do not receive this communication from you by your expected return date/time, we will try to reach you by phone.  If we cannot reach you to confirm that you have safely returned home, we will continue the routine care that was planned and mutually agreed upon for your pet(s) until you do safely return home.  This will be billed to you at your normal rate for service.

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KEYS:  We request that you provide 2 keys during the initial consultation.  The keys are tagged with a security code for identification only to Lake Norman Pet Sitting, LLC™.  Your name and/or address will not be on key tag.  The first key is given to your pet sitter, the second key is locked securely in our office for back-up purposes.  You have the option of having us return your key at the end of each visit (at no charge) or have us keep the key for future service or those on a weekly, monthly or annual contract.  All keys will be locked in a safe when not being used for your Home Pet Sitting Appointment.

ALARMED HOMES:  We request the name & number of your alarm company and your emergency passcode in the event alarm goes off and needs to be shut down by your alarm company.  Or, you can set up a separate entry/exit code and emergency passcode just for Lake Norman Pet Sitting, LLC™ and please let your alarm company know that this code is for your pet sitter.

EMERGENCY CONTACT:  We require an emergency contact in the event of a situation at your home or with your pet(s) that requires assistance.  We prefer someone who could get to your home quickly.  Please keep us updated if your emergency contact changes.  If you reside in an Apartment Development or Rent your home, we also require the name & number of your development manager or landlord.

VISIT UPDATES:  After each visit, we will update you via email or text, letting you know that we have been there and what was done during the visit.  Every effort will be made to send this email or text message as soon as possible following the completed visit.  In the event that something should occur that needs your immediate attention, advice or approval, you will receive a phone call unless other arrangements have been made.


INCLEMENT WEATHER:  Lake Norman Pet Sitting, LLC™ will use their best judgment while caring for your pet(s) during times of inclement weather.  Every effort will be made to follow your instructions to the best of our ability.  If road conditions are hazardous, we may be unable to get to your pet(s) at the scheduled time.  We will notify you & your emergency contact and do our best to get to your pet(s) when conditions permit.  If we are unable to reach your pet(s) for a scheduled pet sitting visit due to inclement weather, we will refund that scheduled visit in full.

FENCED YARDS:  Lake Norman Pet Sitting, LLC™ does not accept any responsibility or liability for any client’s pet(s) that may have escaped and/or is lost, injured or fatal, when left out in yard or given access to a fenced in area.  This includes electronic, wood, metal, or any other type of fence.


REFUSAL OF PETS:  Lake Norman Pet Sitting, LLC™ reserves the right to refuse any pet(s) who appears to be aggressive, ill, or could cause potential harm to our pet sitters or others.

HOLIDAYS:  Reserving any pet sitting visits on a major holiday must be reserved within 2-weeks of the holiday.  A fee of $15 is added to reservation for visits requested less than 2-weeks prior to holiday.  A fee of $30 is added to reservation for visits requested less than 24-hours prior to holiday.  There is a surcharge of $5 for per visit for pet sitting visits on the following holidays:  New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, Easter, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve & Christmas Day.

CLEAN-UP:  Lake Norman Pet Sitting, LLC™ will dispose of all pet waste, and clean up any accidents your pet(s) may have.  Lake Norman Pet Sitting, LLC™ is not responsible for carpet stains, floor stains or scratched floors, which are caused by your pet(s).  We request that you provide us with poop bags, trash bags, paper towels, cleaning products, broom & dust pan and towels (for rainy days to dry wet pet(s) & clean muddy paws).  For CATS, please leave extra litter (within reach of litter box) so we can refresh litter box as needed.